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Be prepared to be blown away by a toothbrush! Introducing the Oral B iO series 8.

As a dental hygienist I am always a huge advocate of electric toothbrushes over the traditional tooth brush. I have had the ability to try almost every brush on the market (Sonicare, Oral B, Burst,etc) . Prior to trying this one, I thought they were all great but that it came down to personal preference when choosing the toothbrush that best worked for you. I no longer feel that way.

First off let me start by saying I'm an Oral B girl. I have always liked their products above others for a few reasons. They were the first company that came out with the "Test Drive" models. These models are given to dental offices and come with individual wrapped throw away brush heads that allow patients to try out the brush before you buy it. This is crucial for a couple reasons, mostly being if you are about to spend $100+ dollars on a brush I want to make sure you like it. Not surprisingly it made sales incredibly easy in office, just like test driving a car helps you decide if you want to buy it. Shortly after debuting this Sonicare also started offering this. This was perfect because I was able to show patients the actual side by side comparison. Second, I love apps, technology and the ability to track your progress keeps you motivated. Oral B is ahead of its competitors when it comes to technology. Hands down. There isn't even a comparison there. Lastly, their customer service is stellar and they stand behind their product. They have a 6 month no questions asked return policy, that's how much faith they have that you will love it! You can try the brush out and let's say it turns out to be like that gym membership you purchased at the beginning of the new year. Used once and now lost in the clutter under your bathroom sink. Go online, fill out the return form with proof of purchase send it in and they will mail you out a full refund.

Our Oral B rep, Damani Felder came to the office and gave all of us the new series 8 iO and said " go brush". I was prepared to like it, like I always do.....what happened next was mind blowing. This toothbrush is NOT like the rest, there is no comparison for this brush. Both Drs and hygienists came back in the room after 2 min and were just jaw dropped! What was this amazing product! So let me dive in and break it down and show you why you will toss all your old brushes and run to buy this!


Hard brushing is one of the factors that lead to receding gums. Brushing hard can brush away the soft tissue exposing the root surface of your tooth. This surface is much softer and more porous then enamel, abrades much faster as well as a higher risk for decay. Once the gums have receded they DO NOT grow back. Surgical grafting is the only way to bring them back. Even that can be destroyed by hard brushing. This brush has you pick "your color" which is your light up ring. When you brush this ring turns green when applying the correct amount of pressure, white when not applying enough pressure and red when applying too much pressure. Essentially it is training you HOW to correctly brush. Shockingly most of us DO NOT know how to correctly brush! Contrary to popular belief having your toothbrush be so flattened out after you brush is NOT what you are going for. 😂


I told you I love tech and this technology will literally blow your mind! This toothbrush was designed to be used simultaneously with the app. It bluetooth connects to the app when turned on .....and before you complain about having to have your phone while you brush.....let's all admit most of us are online while we go to the bathroom. When you open the app, you can either press "start brushing" or just turn your brush on and this image will appear on your screen. This toothbrush tells the app where you are brushing and that area lights up on the tooth model on your screen. The 3 rows of dots represents the 3 brushing surfaces of your tooth ( buccal "cheek side" , occlusal "chewing side" and lingual "tongue side"). These dots disappear as you brush long enough on EACH SURFACE on EACH TOOTH!!!! Are you not mind blown yet? Again this is training you how to brush correctly for the correct amount of time. This physically shows you where you have brushed, where you need to brush and how much pressure you are applying when you are there! It is EVERYTHING you need to have a clean mouth!

While we are talking about a clean mouth, everyone loves how their teeth feel after they leave the dental office. That shiny, smooth clean feel. This is the only toothbrush I have ever used that replicates that to a T.....everyday....for you....AT HOME!! After you buy this at your next dental cleaning your dental hygienist is going to be so impressed with your oral health......they will just be over the moon!!!! It will make their little dental heart skip a beat! It also gives you a smiley face on the display screen when you have reached the 2 minute brush time. The average individual brushes 45 seconds and sweats it's 2 mintiest. Once you brush for 2 minutes you will relaize exactky how long that really is! This app will track your daily progress so that you can show your dental hygienist at your next cleaning, so that they can either high five you or give you some pointers to alter your technique to help you out.

Still not convinced !!!! Try it for yourself and if you don't have the same reaction I did, send it back to Oral B for a full refund. You are not out a dime! I don't gamble but I would be willing to bet this will change your life forever. You are welcome!!!! Make sure when you buy it that you are getting the series 8 or 9.....anything less will not have the same application features ! I have not seen these available in stores like Costco, Sams etc. They will run you around $299 online and while that price tag seems high when you see the reduction in cavities and dental treatment you will see just how much $$$ this brush saved you! This price also includes brush heads for a year which means you have everything you need to not worry about your oral health all year long. The advantage to buying from a dental office is you can use the funds on your HSA account to purchase it, as well as get a $20 rebate for the same bundle. We also sell it for $200 in our office, after rebate $180, so about a $120 savings from buying online.

Here is the link to oral B June special promotion for the io series 9, as the series 8 you can only buy in dental offices. I get no monetary kick back or promotions from Oral B for this, I just truly love this product and know yoj will too!

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