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Be the Change You Want to See In the World

Welcome to My Blog!!! Some of you may thought this was an adult site..... sorry to disappoint, but you are here none the less so look around you may learn a thing or two!

I have always struggled with the feeling of wanting to be able to do more in my profession, but never knowing what that was. I didn't want to leave my patients, but I longed for the ability to reach more....and so this baby was born!

What happened to all the dental offices?

Over the last decade dentistry has been pulled through the ringer, and the Covid Pandemic has just added gasoline to that fire. With most dental office closing down for at least 2 months if not more starting in March of 2020, patients have had their eyes opened to the reality of what the dental field has become. Long waits to get into their dentist, lengthy treatment plans, unethical practices, patients becoming more of # then a name.

The buck stops here, if you can't beat em, well you might as well be educated....

My mission is to give you insight from both sides of the chair. To inform you of things to look for, what your hygienists and Drs wish you knew and what you can do to forever change your dental experience.

It is my belief that to truly change the world, you must be open to ability to change your mind. To forget everything, you know and learn everything you need. From this blog my hope is that the next time you open wide you will be able to truly appreciate the dental hygienist and dentists who are taking the time to provide quality patient care and not letting dental insurance dictate your care. I hope it also allow you to see through the gimmicks of those who are out to give you another BAD dental experience, because in the end it's only the patient that truly suffers.

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